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JLOC System

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The JLOC System tracks down at real-time the location of the jammer which gives a fatal effect on the satellite navigation system. The system supports to find the location of the jammer starting from installing jammer detectors to monitor a designated area, grasping the real-time location of the jammer by linking the jammer detector signals transmitted to the control center, and display the locations of jammers on the control center and hand-held devices.

Navcours Business Information

For grasping the location of the jammer, Navcours has developed the signal processing device which detects the jammer location by the AOA(angle of arrival) of the jamming signals with the array antennas, a correlation method using TDOA(time difference of arrival) of the jamming signals, and combining the two in developing the JLOC System.

Jammer Location Tracking System Operation

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