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Satellite Launch Vehicle

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The GPS satellite navigation system is used in low earth orbit satellites or satellite launch vehicles which must be able to endure speeds of several kilometers per second and against high impact as well as maintain stability in high altitudes of above several hundred kilometers.
For these reasons, the satellite navigation receiver for satellite launch vehicles are produced and supplied in small quantities on requested demand due to the extreme high price.

Navcours Business Information

Navcours has contributed to the successful launch of the NARO(the first Korean satellite launch vehicle) by developing and supplying the GPS satellite navigation receiver. The satellite navigation receiver for the satellite launch vehicle not only guarantees the trustworthy operation in high-dynamic/impact space environment but also should be to receive several satellite signals. Since the launch vehicle compared to the satellite signal wavelength has a relatively larger diameter along with a vertical launch, Navcours has developed the satellite navigation receiver for the NARO using 3 satellite receiving antennas simultaneously with selective navigation satellite signals from the base band. Navcours is currently in the process of developing the satellite navigation receiver for the next generation satellite launch vehicle able to be operated by receiving GPS L1/L5, Galileo E1/E5a, GLONASS L1, etc. and combining 4 antennas simultaneously.

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GPS Satellite Navigation Receiver for the NARO
Satellite Launch Vehicle

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