Greetings from CEO


Integrated navigation expertise company NAVCOURS!

NAVCOURS will grow into a competent company that will inform

Korea to the world.

Dear our beloved customers, this is Kyoung Jai Lee, President and CEO of NAVCOURS.

I was commissioned the 31st Army Military Academy and worked mainly in the field of defense improvement. I have worked in the Army Headquarters, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Defense Agency. I have also published two books on defense procurement based on my work experience. From now on, I will devote myself to strengthening our national defense, which combines theory and practice on the frontline.

As a leading defense company in Korea with integrated navigation expertise, NAVCOURS will strive to develop new technologies with unwavering creativity in the future. In addition, we will improve and develop into a super high-quality company, not only domestic but also worldwide. To this end, all of our employees will work together to create a new research environment, to create a work system based on autonomy and responsibility, and to make everyone happy. At the same time, we will do our best to distribute our company to become a company that is loved by all of you!

Thank you.

April 2016