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Manufacturing Facilities

Navcours is fully equipped with facilities, equipment, and tools needed for self-manufacturing capacities. With satellite navigation performance testing through GNSS simulators, remote jamming tests through test vehicles, and performance inspections with products loaded under field identical conditions, Navcours has the foundation to produce world’s best precision products.

Production/Assembly Facilities Introduction

High quality products are developed and produced through specialized Navcours facilities
FacilityMajor facility compositionNo. heldCharacteristics
Screen Printer TSP-1000 (Tenryu Seiki) 1 65~550㎜ Able
Fast Chip Mounter CP-643ME(FUJI) 1 High-speed Chip Mounter 0.09 sec/chip (1005~SOP IC)
Multi Mounter YV100XF, YV100XE, YV100Xgp(YAMAHA) 3 Multiple Chip Mounter 0.3 sec/chip 0603 Chip ~ BGA Able
Reflow Heller 1809 LX 1 Heating 9 Zone, Cooling 2 Zone Pb-Free Able
Lead height gauge Microscope MM-40 1 SPC Data Management after Solder Height Measuring
MASS Quest-HDL350 1 Separate Off-line composition, All Inspections Implemented
Loader/Screen Printer fast Chip Mounter Reflow/multi Mounter Work Tables