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Awards & Certifications

Navcours is achieving customer satisfaction with the best products. With continuous innovations in the mind, management, quality, and technology, Navcours targets customer satisfaction and social contribution maintaining competitive high quality products and technological development capacities under eco-friendly and ethics management practices.

넵코어스의제품경영/mind혁신 윤리경영친환경/품질혁신 사회공헌,고객만족/기술혁신 첨단기술.개발능력/경영혁신 최고품질,경쟁능력

Quality Management System Certifications

  • TL 9000 인증TL 9000 Certified
  • ISO 9001 인증ISO 9001 Certified
  • 방산업체 지정Defense Industry
    Company Designated
  • 부설연구소 인정Annex Research
    Institute Acknowledged
  • TL 9000 인증Engineering Licensee
  • ISO 9001 인증Software Licensee
  • 직접생산확인증명(무선통신장치/전산장치)(Wireless Communication/Data Processing Device)
  • 공장등록증명Factory Registration